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Apply to contribute to Africa Media Online

Africa Media Online represents independent media professionals, agencies, organisations and heritage collections from Africa. We require a very high standard of media from contributors. We only represent African media professionals and their collections taken in Africa.

To download a pdf giving more information about becoming a contributor click here

Who should apply?

Currently we are only taking applications of photography, although other media are represented on the site we are still developing the markets for them.

To apply you should meet the following criteria:

  • be a professional photographer
  • be an African
  • images taken in Africa
  • images of a high quality
  • significant collection of images (at least 1000 high quality images)
  • images captioned with detailed information
  • have some unique angle not already covered in our picture library

Advantages of applying

Contributors to Africa Media Online are able to manage their own images on the site in the following ways:

  • uploading files
  • editing metadata online
  • creating galleries
  • marking information such as model releases..etc

Live requests are sent out to photographers for requests that cannot be matched from the collection, where the buyers have sufficient lead time.

We encourage suppliers to continue uploading images, rather than just doing a once-off submission, to ensure that you keep your collection relevant. Sales relate directly to the number of images you have online and their quality and relevance to the market.


If you would like to distribute your work through Africa Media Online please follow through these steps

Stage one:

  • Agree to our terms and conditions
  • Fill in the application form

Stage two:

  • If you are successful in stage one you will then be issued with a login and requested to do a full application submitting images with captions.

Please click the Register button to register.